A young craftsman.

We’ve got a few books about crafts which can be done by a child. And these books are not only for boys.  I have once read an article in one quite old book about upbringing where the author advised not to separate the duties according to gender. A boy must know how to do the dishes, wash the floor, do laundry, cook and sew. And it’s ok for a girl to be familiar with simple tools such as screwdrivers or be interested in exact sciences, cars, and machinery. Following this rule one will raise a broad-minded person ready for life.


You won’t find toy tools in our house. Everything is real. Our kids love their dad’s tool boxes with measuring tapes, hammers, a saw, and other stuff. Our children get so excited each time when asked to help mend something: hold a tool or twist a thing. That happens when something gets broken. But what if a child wants to create something with his own hands from the scratch using father’s tools?  If your child is over 9, you have to help him with it. Believe me it’ll be fun! Now it’s time to remember one of our golden rules we talked about earlier “Everything that’s worth doing is worth doing well.”

Our task is to teach our child to do things thoroughly, and well! Fix things on time, take care of yourself, your toys and clothes. Younger kids will take after their older siblings and soon will start creating themselves. Crafting involves brainstorming, logic and abstract thinking. Today we are organizing our crafting corner and soon will try to make something. Are you ready for such games?


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