Children’s drawings.

A few drawings of your child can tell more than even parents or a stack of tests. Sit down with your kid and offer him to draw something.  

You might be surprised to see something unusual, dynamic or even surreal. Every drawing has its own character, temper and reveals a lot about your little artist. Every next drawing will be different from the previous one – its purpose is to capture the moment when it was created, thoughts and feelings of a child at that moment.


Rustem was 2 and a half and still not a word from him. My husband and I were wondering what he was thinking about, if he was thinking at all, if it was possible to think without speaking, if imagination could exist without speaking. He could recognize cards with animals and objects, but his drawings were all the same: just lines and random coloring. We hoped that pictures could help us communicate, but nothing worked. Rustem had all kinds of pencils and crayons, colors and paper, and yet no outcome.


I remember his first conscious drawing: two lines, and he was moving his toy car along them. “It’s a road!” At 3 my son started drawing heads, and knew how to draw a face with eyes, nose, hair (but I still had to remind him about their existence). Then he started drawing members of his family… in his own way, of course. Tractors and big cars are his favorites – a big wheel, a small wheel,   a tractor cab. That’s it so far. Now he is 3years old and 8 months, check out his drawings:


Sameness of his drawings shows that he is not trying to reflect, or make them true to life. I don’t teach him how to do it right. I understand that such notions like proportion and perspective will only confuse him. My only task at the moment is to motivate him to imagine and draw. What about you? How do you teach your child to understand the world around us? Feel free to share your story with us in comments below.


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