Chocolate cookies with cardamom

When Rustem gets bored, we head for the kitchen and search every corner hoping to find something long forgotten or hidden, and very delicious. Do you always have something like that? Today we didn’t get lucky. “Baking time! Alright!” and he runs to grab what he thinks is a cookery book, all excited to find the recipe and check if we have all the ingredients.  He can’t read by the way so a book by Garcia Marquez “with a man” on the cover has become our favorite cookery book. “Flour. Water. An egg – splash. Milk. Live long the dough!” I wasn’t in a mood to make something difficult. When we are tired we always make cookies. My girl Renata gets a pan, a lid and a ladle. I pour some toy cars into her pan, that will keep her busy for 20-30 minutes. Rustem has got his own duties: wash his hands, put on his apron, take a sieve, weigh and sieve the flour.

Don’t forget to repeat out loud the names of all ingredients with your child, what category they belong to: dairy products, bulk food (flour, sugar). Eggs are laid by hens, and you shouldn’t eat them raw. Pronounce your actions – verbs: whisk eggs, add sugar, sieve flour, knead dough, bake cookies. It helps nonspeaking kids form their passive vocabulary, and for a speaking child –boost his active one.My one-year-old Renata always watches what her older brother is doing and tries to imitate his words. Baking cookies together not only makes us a closer family but also gives us an opportunity to learn and practice necessary skills and definitions.

Ready? First write down two simple rules before getting down to work.

  1. Don’t get irritated with your child if something goes wrong. Remember that our first goal is to have a lesson, second –bake cookies together, third – have some peaceful moments with a cup of tea.
  2. Wash dishes right away, clean your table immediately, toys (if any) can be moved into the corner. These one minute actions will help you keep your temper and save your energy. When cookies are sent into the oven, all you’ll have to do is to set the table.


You’ll need:

Flour – 125g

Butter – 135g

Sugar – 250g

Nesquick or cocoa – 40g

Baking soda or baking powder – 1/2 ts

2 Eggs 

Cardamom – 1/2 ts

Baking pan with walls no lower that 0.5 cm.

Melt the spread and add Nesquick, mix thoroughly and let it cool down. Sieve the flour; add baking soda or baking powder. In another bowl whisk eggs with sugar, add spread and cocoa mixture, then add grounded cardamom. Mix thoroughly then combine with flour and baking soda. Mix the dough till it becomes homogeneous.

Cover your baking pan with spread a little and pour out your dough, even it out. Bake at 180 C for 30 minutes.

Touch your cookie, if it keeps its form its ready. Make sure your kids are away from the oven. Repeat to your kids, “The baking pan is hot. You can’t touch it.”

Cut your cookies into squares, triangles, and diamonds. Ask your children what shapes they see. Put your cookies on a grid to cool down, it’ll dry fast. Then it’s time to crunch your chocolate cookies with cardamom. Those of you who are familiar with Indian khalva will be pleasantly surprised! Many hugs and good luck!


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