Cultivate the positive way of treating life.

It’s almost unreal to find a family among your friends or colleagues who hasn’t tried to become a pro in early education or understand everything possible about healthy eating for kids and adults. Sometimes I wonder what a child is thinking when he is given something he doesn’t understand the value of?


When parents face a dilemma weather to let their kid play with his toys or spend some time together playing with a stack of educational cards, the solution might come quickly. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts parents admit with some guilty relief, “It’s not the time yet. He’s just too small.” But one year flies by after another. Suddenly, it’s time for your child to go to school, and you find out that learning something new doesn’t get him excited… at all; he keeps studying somehow. His future now depends not on his abilities but on his wish to do or not to do things.

Everything that’s worth doing is worth doing well.

Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds and even easier than trying to teach a two-year-old how to read. In fact, your child doesn’t have that many chores: wash his face, make his bed, set the table, if possible, and take his toys away. Help your kid remember this rule and set a personal example, point at a positive result (important!): everything’s clean and tidy, that makes you feel good.

This is the first step towards developing the right way of thinking, behaving, and feeling.

Cultivate the positive way of treating life. One should do not only interesting things, but all things should be done with interest.

You must have read this rule a thousand times and might be looking now for some explanations. My advice to you, “Get ready for some work.” “Sit down! It’ll be interesting!” Many parents start with this phrase when trying to make their children sit at the table covered with some educational materials. But without a proper continuation this phrase is set for failure. So let’s switch on our imagination and dedicate a couple of minutes to answering the question “Interesting? What is it?” Remember that being unable to get excited with work will result in boredom, laziness, and helplessness.  Our task as parents is to teach our children how to tune into any work properly.

Let’s have one simple experiment and then share our experience with our children. I’m sure “It doesn’t work, I can’t, I don’t like it” will be soon forgotten. Ready? Before any work or exercise rub your hands, smile, and declare your love for whatever you are about to do. Silly? Effective!


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