Early morning.

Still tired after sleep, cold floor and “I’ll start tomorrow” can ruin all our good intentions on the way to positive changes. Let’s see why it’s worth being an early bird.


You call people who get up at 5 or 6 a.m. crazy, I call them realists. Exercising, cool shower, combing your tangly hair – just thinking about all that can make you feel tired.

That’s why we decided to take it slowly and keep up with a couple of morning rituals. One of them is going to our balcony with a glass of water. No hectic yet, coolness of the air and a patch of clear blue sky – these are our rewards this morning. You think you could do that?

Let’s imagine an ideal morning of mums and dads and try to find the balance between being productive and doing nothing.

Bedroom. It’s the first thing you see having opened your eyes. In the twilight everything might seem grey and uninviting, don’t get discouraged, warm socks and a comfy hoody will help you out (leave them next to your bed, so that you could put them on immediately). Kids are still sleeping and that’s the best motivation ever to use these moments at full.

Time. As you know, we are all enthusiastic in the evening, but morning has got much more potential. Be careful, don’t write a too long to do list. Start with getting up early and treat yourself with time and freedom from care.

Freshness.  It’s the last thing that comes to mind when describing a young breastfeeding or just feeding mother after a sleepless night. Just remember, nobody sees you. Put aside the hair from your forehead, splash some warm water onto your face and allow your eyes stay tired for a while.

Eating and thinking. Have you ever noticed that food in the morning is always tastier especially when you don’t have to shovel it into your mouth with a speed of light because your kids are crying like insane demanding to set them free from their chairs. So please take your time for breakfast. You can cook your own coffee in a Turkish coffee pot (that smell can make my day), or warm up your hands over a boiling tea pot. Think of what else you would like this morning and write it down so you don’t forget.

So when are you going to start?

Photo by Inaki Soria

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