Of where and how to find extra energy. And is it ok to spend your free moments on a couch?


Here I am – a perpetual collector. I’m constantly looking for things which are supposed to make my life easier: tons of information, effective methods of some kind, games, quick recipes, and magic tricks how to make my house look spick and span in seconds. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about myself as well : 10 gigabytes of yoga and fitness on my PC, a couple of books how to stay pretty and a stack of glossy magazines about lives I even have no time to dream of . All of that waiting for me to make the next move. All of that yelling at me, “Come on! Move your… already!”

“I HAVE NO TIME!” I finally give up when asked about my grey complexion or a mess of hair on my head which started as a ponytail in the morning. “I HAVE NO ENERGY…” I add up secretly waiting for some support. And yet this treacherous  inner voice starts bugging me, “But wait a minute! What about those supermums, and those superdads, and their superkids who must have taken up a hundred of courses of early development?” And I find myself hating these superfamilies and try my best to find excuses for myself…

When I feel drained I just pour a cup of tea or coffee and turn the TV on. I’ve got from 2 to 5 minutes until my kids start fighting over some toy. I call “rest” all that time when I’m alone not called, not hanged on, and not asked for something. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. Hyperactive children who accept no boundaries are a reality “experienced mums” advise to put up with. So what’s wrong with me? How can I give my kids everything they need and at the same time be strong and fun in their eyes? I realize that sport is better than lying on a couch, a glass of water is better than tea, your kids must be the source of your energy and happiness, the source of your confidence.

The answer seems obvious start with yourself and then get down to upbringing of your children. So we’ve decided to try a so-called “magic morning” method. Something’s telling me it’ll be a win-lose game. But who said it’s not supposed to be that way? Wish us luck!


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