Hi! My name is Irina and my sister’s name is Kate. We are, what I call, “newly-moms” or “just delivered”. I’ve got 2 kids Rustem, a 3-year- old boy, and Renata, a 1- year- old girl. My sister’s son Alex is only 10 months old.

A day from my sister’s life is an explosive cocktail of motherhood, work, constant calls and negotiations, worries and rare moments of rest. My sis is a professional interpreter and a gifted English teacher. She has always been an inspiring image for me and, I’m sure, for others too. She encourages her students to perceive their goals and helps them walk this path from wanting to learn a foreign language to actually speaking it.

Having a son at 31 has changed her life dramatically. Kate is a Russian girl married to an American and before their son was born she’d had to look for compromises regarding upbringing of their future child. It’s not easy work to make two different cultures and languages in one family equally important.

We often meet and talk about our kids. And one day we decided to start a blog so we could share our ideas about communication with children, their upbringing, and development. We also hope to learn a lot from other mothers as well.

Another reason why we wanted to share what we’ve learnt so far is my son Rustem, who is suffering from general speech underdevelopment in a severe state. But moms don’t give up on their kids and we have overcome all doctors’ predictions about his future learning disability, mental deficiency, motor alalia, and mutism. The first time I heard “mommy” when my boy was 3, 4 months later he started building up phrases. It’s been a very difficult period not only for me and my son but for the whole family as well.  It required a lot of effort and tremendous patience to help my son develop his thinking process and mental condition.

So we’d like to tell about the solutions we have found and will find with those in need. We are not experts and our methods are not the only ones, of course. But we also know how hard it might be to find the information you need and use it right, especially when all your time and energy are absorbed with housework and different chores.

We honestly hope to find like-minded people with whom we could share our stories of victories and failures, and just talk about complicated things using a simple language.